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Inscription date: 08/04/2018

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1. #Covid19 : Brazillian variant P1 will create a fourth pandemic wave in France 37 day(s)

2. Covid19 : Is Nitazoxamide the solution to covid19 pandemy as it will reduce letality ? 37 day(s)

3. Covid-19 : what will be the solution to the covid-19 epidemy ? 37 day(s)

4. Covid-19 : which antiviral medication could be the best choice to lower viral levels? 37 day(s)

5. According to Penrose, Daniel An and Krzysztof Meissner, ghosts of black holes from other universes can be observed in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). 279 day(s)

6. Third of Bank Jobs May Disappear in Next Five Years 311 day(s)

7. #Covid19 : What will be the last hashtag associated with this pandemy ? 1254 day(s)

8. #covid19 : covid19 will generate a darwinian positive selection pressure over humans, selecting some psychological traits. Which ones ? 1284 day(s)

9. Voynich: The Voynich manuscript secret will be uncovered. The source language is: 1441 day(s)

10. Hypersleep cultural and societal consequences: repeated hypersleep will allow humans living different realities through self-paced awaken/sleeping rhythms 1498 day(s)

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