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Schizophrenic patients with theory of mind deficits have reduced superior temporal gyrus electrical activation

see Vistoli et al. MEG experiment


99 %


Oxytocin administered before therapy session enhances the effects of social cognitive remediation on empathy, theory of mind, emotion recognition, and functioning.

Yes by enhancing the interest of the patients in the social interaction


99 %


According to Bryan Sykes, a geneticist at the University of Oxford, the Yeti is apparented to a bear and not an hominid. To what the Yeti should be apparented ?

I find this theory quite realistic according to the milieu where this unmet creature is supposed to live.


99 %


What will be the most ancient fossils of hominid that will be discovered in the future?

7 millions years-old

49 %


Superior temporal gyrus activation elicited by social visual stimuli with intentional contents (theory of mind) is under strong top-down influences ?

I would say no as these influences should be inferior to the automatic activation of this region.


99 %


Signs of alien life will be found by detecting non-random electromagnetic signals

I hope so! But in fact, I think that it will take decades or centuries...


99 %


Computer sciences will be able to conceive an artificial intelligence that has a IQ above 200?

The only question is when... See the singularity university.


99 %


To emerge the phenomenon of consciousness relies on quantum physics specifically, i.e. theories that do not involve quantum phenomenon cannot account for all mind-matter relationships.


99 %


One of the following vocal assistant will be the first computer program to pass the Turing test without any human help.

Based on its large semantic database that Apple has not, I would say Google will do it...

Google Play or Everywhere

99 %


What would be the main benefit in using an affective agent for cognitive remediation of social cognition ?

My first guess.

acts on motivation

99 %


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