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Top-10 Most debated hypotheses

1. Technological singularity : Stephen Hawking recently evoked the hypothesis that robots could end the humanity. What could we expect if artificial intelligence outperforms human intelligence? 6 votes

2. Religions: religious beliefs are often associated with a high degree of anthropocentrism. Which discipline will provide the first proof against human-centered view of the world, and consequently religions? 6 votes

3. One of the following vocal assistant will be the first computer program to pass the Turing test without any human help. 5 votes

4. To emerge the phenomenon of consciousness relies on quantum physics specifically, i.e. theories that do not involve quantum phenomenon cannot account for all mind-matter relationships. 3 votes

5. Voynich: The Voynich manuscript secret will be uncovered. The source language is: 2 votes

6. Artificial intelligence: the development of AI decision and the possibility given to AIs to hold properties will lead to the dispossession by humans of any forms of belongings 2 votes

7. Signs of alien life will be found by detecting non-random electromagnetic signals 1 votes

8. KIC 8462852 will provide the first evidence of an alien life 1 votes

9. Asteroids: with the increasing detection of asteroids near the earth orbit, it will happen that some fall on the moon and provoke a spectacular view from the earth. 1 votes

10. Global warming and technological singularity theory : global warming threats will be significantly reduced by the use of artificial intelligence allowing to overcome Human's limited capability to find successful solutions? 1 votes

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