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Who's alternativehypotheses ?

alternativehypotheses is an experimental and innovating website, with a design that results from the reflexion of two not-professionals of the Internet, one being doctor and carrying out work in neurosciences, and the other doing computer science researches. Their respective experience as researchers led them to be interested in what founds the scientific thought, namely permanent confrontation of theory to reality. They wanted to integrate this scientific logic into citizenship. Knowledge on these means of communication leads naturally to consider the need for new and original means of expression (social networks, blogs, web-based 2.0,3.0, etc).

The concept in the beginning of former was born on October 14th, 2006. On the basis of the idea to create an Internet site making it possible to the Net surfers to confront their ideas with reality and to thus make emerge from the expertises in varied fields, it took approximately six months to design a first model. The setting on line on Internet under the name took place on August 22nd, 2007. Following its startup, continued to evolve technically (with the introduction of Hypothesis search (Googlemus), Polelinks, Next month's breaking news, etc) and the enrichment of the topics and debates by the Net surfers. This phase of grinding continues with the arrival of new participants.

On October 24th, 2015, the concept keep on moving to a scientific/technological domain and was renamed The idea was to focus specifically on Science topics as the database and original engine follow the scientific reasoning paradigm.

alternativehypotheses is a completely independent site. It does not adopt any political orientation and does not depend on any company or administration. Unlike many other sites spending much money in commercials and other way to improve visibility, this website only requires a minimal very low-cost PHP hosting, free software developing suites, and coding time from the author. Of course, we are welcoming your support and kind encouragement.

Which is the public of alternativehypotheses?

To define the public for which alternativehypotheses is made, one can refer to the developed topics, the operating processes and the ethical limitations:

  • In thematic terms, alternativehypotheses wants to be varied and universal. It is made up of preset topics which will evolve/move according to the topicality. The main themes are Sciences and Technologies. The national policy and international being strongly represented, because naturally resulting in making forecasts, the committed Net surfers are clearly invited.
  • In terms of operation, alternativehypotheses is based on an original and single statistical engine (to our knowledge the first of this kind). It can thus be compared with nothing of existing and it is difficult to define its public. It would correspond to the people who wish to affirm their opinion in a distinct way and thus “to take date”. But these people must have the courage of their opinions because those could be often contradicted by the real events! In addition, alternativehypotheses contains elements more traditional close relations of the discussion forums and blogs. It is a site of dialog in which the Net surfers can bring contents (text and illustrations in images). The required public is thus that of the amateurs of debates on line, of the contributors to the blogs, the participants in the social networks.
  • alternativehypotheses is carrying an ethics which defines its public also clearly. alternativehypotheses is neither a site of online bet, nor a site of clairvoyance. The payment of the site prohibits any monetary stake strictly and the announced abuses are taken into account systematically. Moreover, we define a list of topics proscribed (private life, health of the people, legal decisions, etc) in order to keep a serious, honest and worthy debate. We want to thus keep alternativehypotheses of the risk of sordid skids whose Internet is frequently the receptacle.

Originalities of alternativehypotheses

alternativehypotheses is a statistical engine which confronts the predictions of the Net surfers with the effective realization of the events. It is thus about a new type of Internet site allowing the expression of opinions and the debate (from where its name) and with for main objective the development of the expertise of the speakers by the confrontation of their dires with the real events. alternativehypotheses emphasizes the currents of thought, clarifies those which are in contradiction with reality and makes known the speakers with the original but relevant ideas. We leave, indeed, of the postulate that only confrontation with reality makes it possible in fine to judge quality of a thought or a theory. At the same time, the discussion begins around a question, as in a forum or a traditional blog. The operation of alternativehypotheses is based on several innovations familiar with philosophy of the participative Web. All these technologies are under development and are the permanent improvement object.

  • "Next month's breaking news!". On his arrival on alternativehypotheses, the Net surfer has access to a small selection of the last questions consulted by the other Net surfers (what we named "Breaking news" ). He can also reach a simulation of what could be the ones of the newspapers and Internet sites one month later with the link "Next month's breaking news" . This page, which to our knowledge does not exist in any other Internet site, is a synthetic result of the capacities of forecast of alternativehypotheses. Indeed, alternativehypotheses bases its estimate of the future events with a one month horizon on the predictions of the Net surfers. It will be able to then provide a synoptic vision of what will be the topicality. It is, indeed, very astonishing of being able simultaneously to read the various events which will probably constitute our near future! It is an essential component of the step which we followed while conceiving alternativehypotheses: to offer to the Net surfer a diving in the future which would not be possible without the summation of the opinions and competences of all.
  • Hypothesis search, experimental search engine. This is a simplified search engine but original and single in its kind. Indeed, the key words which are given to him, he answers by a list of links Internet which appear relevant to him have regards of the predictions and checks made by the Net surfers. Indeed, the returned links are those which made it possible either to lead to a successful prediction or are those which led to the checking of the questions. Contrary to the search engines traditional, Googlemus ambitionne not to have answer to all but rather to bring links Internet originals and carrying predictive information.
  • The structuring of the site is left to the Net surfers. The Polelinks are a whole of links crossed between the pages of the alternativehypotheses site. Their characteristic is to be left with the free alternative of the Net surfers. The structuring of the links between the pages of the site is defined by the users of the site in an intuitive and simple way: it is enough for them to click on the symbols + to add a Polelink link between two pages or of course a symbol - to withdraw one from them. This system is an original attempt aiming at giving to the user a control on the architecture of information in the site.

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Brunet-Gouet, E. (2015, October 24). Hypothesis Database in Science and Technology. Retrieved October 25, 2015, from

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