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#covid19 : covid19 will generate a darwinian positive selection pressure over humans, selecting some psychological traits. Which ones ? : Analytical intelligence / Conformism / Social avoidance / Complotism / Other from BG will end on 01/05/2025 11h27

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-Covid-19 : what will be the solution to the covid-19 epidemy ?...

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BG (Leader of 'Analytical intelligence') has the opinion that Analytical intelligence (08/05/2021 11h31)

BG (Leader of 'Analytical intelligence') says I would vote for analytical intelligence because vaccination will be accepted by people with better anticipation and benefit/risk understanding. Those people will benefit higher survival rates and will survive darwinian selection. People with lower skills to anticipate risks will be vaccinated later, or not at all. They will face higher death rates. Covid-19 may become one of the strongest selection challenge humans have faced since centuries. (08/05/2021 11h36)

BG (Leader of 'Analytical intelligence') says An interesting account with several evolution theory insights on covid19 : The abstracts says: Humans and viruses have been coevolving for millennia. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19) has been particularly successful in evading our evolved defenses. The outcome has been tragic—across the globe, millions have been sickened and hundreds of thousands have died. Moreover, the quarantine has radically changed the structure of our lives, with devastating social and economic consequences that are likely to unfold for years. An evolutionary perspective can help us understand the progression and consequences of the pandemic. Here, a diverse group of scientists, with expertise from evolutionary medicine to cultural evolution, provide insights about the pandemic and its aftermath. (28/06/2021 18h32)

BG (Leader of 'Analytical intelligence') says At the most granular level, we consider how viruses might affect social behavior, and how quarantine, ironically, could make us susceptible to other maladies, due to a lack of microbial exposure. At the psychological level, we describe the ways in which the pandemic can affect mating behavior, cooperation (or the lack thereof), and gender norms, and how we can use disgust to better activate native “behavioral immunity” to combat disease spread. At the cultural level, we describe shifting cultural norms and how we might harness them to better combat disease and the negative social consequences of the pandemic. These insights can be used to craft solutions to problems produced by the pandemic and to lay the groundwork for a scientific agenda to capture and understand what has become, in effect, a worldwide social experiment. (28/06/2021 18h32)

BG (Leader of 'Analytical intelligence') says This is a very paradoxical situation in the evolution of medical practice. The latter has focused on obtaining patients' consent and information so that care is better accepted and more effective, according to the ideology of "doing with it". In the context of covid this paradigm could be shattered. Indeed, it seems that giving people the choice to vaccinate or not has mostly blocked the most fearful. They then sought to rationalize their fear and indecision under the cover of the principles of freedom. Would it have been more effective to make vaccination mandatory?
(27/08/2021 08h40)

Dumbo has the opinion that Conformism because I have random opinions! (01/05/2024 03h46)

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