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from Paris (France)

Inscription date: 29/09/2007

Profession: MD PhD

Registered as professional

Credits: 27180

Public card: I am the administrator and one of the creators of

Scientific skills:

Science domainScientific skills
mean [95% confidence interval]
General (all domains)--
Life Sciences / Neurosciences-0 %
Computer Sciences / Software--
Life Sciences / Physiology--
Medicine / Psychiatry--
Medicine / Misc.-0 %

Participants' judgments on comments:

Number of submitted comments 69

Number of approval 14

Number of disapproval 3

Number of comment judged as beside the topic 0

Awarded as Leader (best contributor) for the following hypotheses:

Leader of 'Analytical intelligence' in #covid19 : covid19 will generate a darwinian positive selection ...

Leader of 'in sept. 2021' in #Covid19 : Brazillian variant P1 will create a fourth pandemic w...

Leader of 'march 2021' in Covid-19: When will start vaccinations in France?...

Leader of 'True' in The human (and animal) brain implements quantum computation for ...

Leader of 'No' in Ray Kurzweil predicts that by the 2030s, nanotechnology will eli...

Leader of 'Yes' in Upgraded reality hypothesis: with new technologies new kind of p...

Leader of 'Yes, limited to certain people' in Upgraded reality: augmented reality is only a step toward what I...

Leader of 'Yes' in Artificial intelligence: the development of AI decision and the ...

Leader of 'AI singularity' in Singularities: Among these potential major changes which one wil...

Leader of 'Yes' in Pokemon Go (Niantic): Niantic will face lawsuits for damage caus...

Leader of 'True' in Global warming and technological singularity theory : global war...

Leader of 'an ancient american tongue' in Voynich: The Voynich manuscript secret will be uncovered. The so...

Leader of 'artificial intelligence' in Religions: religious beliefs are often associated with a high de...

Leader of 'false' in KIC 8462852 will provide the first evidence of an alien life...

Leader of 'True' in Social neurosciences: recognition of other's helping behavior is...

Leader of 'AI help humans' in Technological singularity : Stephen Hawking recently evoked the ...

Leader of 'true' in Connecting two persons with a bidirectional neural connection (d...

Leader of 'script writer' in Writing the statements (verbal utterances) of a virtual agent (i...

Leader of 'True' in It is possible to simulate complex social relationships, subtle ...

Leader of 'acts on motivation' in What would be the main benefit in using an affective agent for c...

Leader of 'Google Play or Everywhere' in One of the following vocal assistant will be the first computer ...

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